How is cherry blossom massage done in Imperium salon? Let’s tell!

It’s easy to learn how Sakura Branch massage is done. To do this, it is enough to sign up for an elite salon Imperium, but before signing up, let me tell you a little about the technique itself …
To begin with, the Sakura Branch is a massage program that came to us from the land of the rising sun – Japan. Light touches of lips, pleasant scent of the female body, relaxing atmosphere of the apartment – these are the key components of the session. But besides this, there are other subtleties that you should be aware of.
Now, imagine the branches of cherry blossoms swaying in a light breeze. Something similar will happen to your body when a wonderful masseuse takes possession of it and caresses you, awakening all erogenous areas.

What will you get during the session?

Knowing how the Sakura Branch massage is done by professional masseuses of the Imperium salon, you will not allow yourself to be deceived in other similar establishments. In the process of the Sakura Branch program, the tongues and lips of the masseuse are necessarily involved, and in some cases – an ice cube, because even the hot breath of a girl is an instrument.
Let’s list the key features of unique stimulation:

  • Caress all erogenous zones;
  • All movements of the girl are subject to a certain tempo;
  • Touches are subtle and weightless;
  • The most important factor is the continuity of touch;
  • The mood of the partner is monitored constantly.

If you order a similar erotic massage, then be prepared for the fact that the classic version is based on the game of temperatures. The cold is provided by the ice cube, and the heat is provided by the sweet breath of the masseuse. It is this kind of contact that is extremely exciting.

How is cherry blossom massage done?

The question may arise: how is the sakura branch massage done so that the session becomes the most unforgettable event in the life of a man? You will find out about this when you get to the Imperium erotic massage salon, because the service can be provided according to the following scenario:

  • Man lie on his stomach, under the chin-roller;
  • Girl caresses the client’s body with the most tender kisses;
  • The visitor turns over and the scenario is repeated again;
  • Added ice or cognac, at the request of the guest.

Numerous reviews of our regular guests show that the programs in the Imperium salon delight them. Now you also know how a sakura branch massage is done, so you can try it today and be convinced of everything that is said above!

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