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Special programs in the Imperium salon are a real chance to touch your frank dream and make it come true. What awaits you?
  • Our salon, regardless of the scenario you choose, guarantees the strongest excitement. The main element of erotic programs is the complete satisfaction of the needs of the guest. You can take control in your own hands or submit to a seductive mistress, or maybe you are attracted to female legs? Everything is possible in the Imperium salon!

  • Erotic massage is an integral part of any program. It will allow you to completely relax and lose yourself in the tenderness of touch, but remember that this is just the beginning, because the program scenarios are very diverse! It is worth noting that any of the selected programs can be changed if you have any special preferences, so we recommend discussing the details with the administrator.
  • The exciting adventure that you will experience in the walls of the Imperium salon can forever change your idea of pleasure. Just one session fills a man’s life with new colors, and memories make us come back to us again and again in search of new sensations.

Embody your fantasies

Do not limit yourself in your desires, a wide range of erotic massage programs and exciting supplements will make your sex life brighter and richer. Unique ways to relax only in the Imperium salon!

The sexiest masseuses

All the girls of the salon have impeccable appearance, which allows regular guests to choose new companions every time. It is thanks to their beauty and skill that you will get not only physical pleasure, but also complete aesthetic satisfaction.

Unforgettable atmosphere of the salon

Erotic massage in the Imperium salon is carried out in separate massage rooms, where each guest can completely relax. Slow music, floating aromas and a sexy girl will create a feeling of complete isolation from reality.

Special programs


  • Ai body massage
  • Gentle touch for a girl
  • Shower in the arms of a girl
  • Lingam massage
  • Light kisses
  • Stone therapy
  • Frank Peep Show
  • One innocent fantasy if it's not on our menu

Special programs

Can you imagine that all your cherished dreams will come true overnight? By choosing special programs, you can experience new emotions and feelings, get out of the usual state of rest and discover a world of unusual pleasures. Submit or obey – everything is possible here. You will receive maximum attention from our masters and realize all your ideas with them.

And if you have decided on such an experiment, follow a few rules: first, do not be shy about your desires and feel free to talk about them, because the quality of your vacation depends on it. Secondly, try to relax as much as possible on the program. It may initially confuse a beginner, but do not worry, you will not meet condemnation in the walls of the Imperium salon. Do not deny yourself the pleasure and realize your innermost fantasies with us!

Femdom - the program of erotic massage

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