Erotic massage
on departure from 10,000 rubles


Erotic massage in / out - order the masseuse to the house

Erotic massage with a home visit service is a great way to pamper yourself both on working days and on weekends. Take advantage of our offer when you do not have the strength and desire to leave the walls of your monastery at all. It is for you that the Imperium salon offers the best masseuses who are ready to come to the specified address and take you to the very peak of bliss. With us, all your dreams will become a reality!

  • At the request of guests, we bring with us
    steam cocktail and bar

Outgoing masseuses

Please note that not all girls are represented on the site.
However, we are ready to send you even more photos of the masters
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We do not provide intimate services


Sensual relaxation

5000 ₽
1 hour + 10 minutes as a gift to the main time!

Exquisite and exciting pleasure for real gentlemen: 60 minutes includes complete relaxation of the entire body, which is achieved through: a joint shower with a girl, a thorough massage of the face, head, back and feet, the most gentle touches, body massage and sensual stimulation of the Lingam.

Sensual relaxation

Hot hour

7000 ₽
1 hour + 15 minutes as a gift to the main time!

This program is really hot! First, you will enjoy a passionate touch that will bring you to the peak! Then you will have a relaxing massage of the face, head and feet, and the next stage will be an exciting body massage, which will again bring you to the very edge. Experience two relaxation sessions in 60 minutes!

Hot hour

Double relax

8800 ₽
1.5 hours + 30 minutes as a gift to the main time!

It’s no secret that taking a joint shower with a girl perfectly relaxes and at the same time gives excitement. In this program, you will experience everything to the maximum in 90 minutes! First you will enjoy water treatments, then hot touches, Lingam massage in 10 techniques under the strict control of relaxation, and when you reach all the boundaries of bliss, a relaxing massage of the face, head and back will allow you to restore your strength.

Double relax

Tantric relaxation

10800 ₽
2 hours + 30 minutes to the main program and a bottle of champagne as a gift!

A favorite massage duet for all men: classic and erotic part at the same time. Enjoy a professional facial, head and back massage in 120 minutes, and then allow yourself to relax in passionate touches that flow into a Frank body massage that takes your breath away. More than 10 Lingam techniques can give you an unlimited amount of relaxation and this is not the end – enjoy a sensual peep show from a girl and learn all the secrets of female sensuality.

Tantric relaxation

Basic instinct

14800 ₽
2.5 hours + 45 minutes to the main program, a bottle of any drink from the elite bar and a steam cocktail as a gift!

For 2.5 hours, you can get an unlimited amount of relaxation. The masseuse uses all her skills for this: first, a joint shower with a beauty will allow you to wash away all the everyday hardships, then body massage, Lingam stimulation in more than 10 techniques, an exciting peep show and a relaxing massage of the face, head and back. This unforgettable erotic adventure will change your idea of pleasure!

Basic instinct

Any fantasy

18800 ₽
3 hours + 60 minutes to the main time , a bottle of any drink, steam cocktail, fruit or meat appetizer as a gift!

Everything is possible in this program! First, you will have a joint shower with a masseuse, then a passionate body massage, Lingam stimulation in more than 10 techniques, an exciting peep show and classic relaxation of the face, head and back. It is not difficult to guess that no one will limit your enjoyment and for dessert you can choose any of our hot additions. If you want to fulfill all your dreams, then this program is for you!

Any fantasy


25000 ₽
4 hours + A bottle of wine or champagne as a gift!

4-hour program for the most insatiable men! Experience unlimited relaxation and all types of available classics. You can repeat any technique as many times as you want and experience exciting emotions again and again. A shared shower with a girl before and after the program will relax you as much as possible, which will make you feel a surge of energy combined with maximum satisfaction.


Vip Platinum

30000 ₽
5 hours + A bottle of wine or champagne as a gift!

5 hours of enjoyment without a break! Exciting massage “Chanterelle” awakens sensuality to the maximum, removing all bodily prohibitions. You will experience an unlimited amount of relaxation and the most passionate touches that will excite you again and again. Any technique can be repeated until you fully enjoy it, and a classic massage and a joint shower with a girl will relieve fatigue and charge you with energy, so that you do not deny yourself anything!

Vip Platinum

Erotic massage service
on departure in Moscow

Where to start?

To order an erotic massage on departure in Moscow, we advise you to get acquainted with the photos of our charmers, choose the one that will meet all your requirements, contact the administrator at the specified number and set the time and place of the meeting. It can be your home, office, hotel, sauna or dacha, the main thing is to specify the exact address where the girl should arrive. While our beauty is getting there, you have time to prepare for the session.


Preparation for massage.

In order for the session to bring maximum pleasure, it is not recommended to consume a large amount of alcohol before a session of erotic massage on departure, otherwise the sensitivity of your body will be blunted, and you will not be able to fully enjoy the sensations of touching. It is advisable to prepare a massage place in advance so that the masseuse girl has full access to your body. It is also worth taking care that the room is warm and quiet enough (it will be appropriate to turn on relaxing music).


What awaits you at the session?

When the masseuse arrives, you can first get acquainted with her to remove the awkwardness of the first meeting and move on to a short conversation in which you will tell your guest about your preferences. After that, the girl will switch her attention to the main part of her stay – to erotic massage.
She will sexually free herself from unnecessary elements of clothing, showing you her perfect body and allowing you to enjoy its curves. Starting the massage, the girl will carefully work out your muscles and activate the erogenous zones, simultaneously relaxing and exciting you. The final of an erotic massage on departure will be a bright, stunning relaxation that will remain in your memory for a long time.


“The effect of massage is the natural regenerating power of the body, the power of life” (c) Hippocrates


"Massage apartments of Imperium salon"

«The effect of massage is the natural restorative strength of the body, the strength of life» (c) Hippocrates



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