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Choosing DELUX-programs, you can always count on a special attitude, and also on the fact that the caress will be over the edge. What is waiting for you?

  • Erotic massage saturated with emotions in DELUX programs is a real art. It is based on the ability of masseuses to feel the guest, to listen to his secret desires and signals. These are the qualities that the beauties of the Imperium salon possess. They have great control over their bodies and perfectly know massage techniques that will take you to the limits of bliss.
  • At the end of the session, all our guests leave with a smile on their face, because they not only received quality rest, but also accumulated positive energy for a long time. The secret is that the masseuse girls are well aware of the physiology of a man, thanks to this you get high-quality relaxation.

  • DELUX-programs of erotic massage provide the opportunity to choose not only the girl, but also the features of the script. You will be able to discuss with the beauty all the details of the session, and she will certainly fulfill all your desires. Feel like a real master of women!

The art of seduction
Just one DELUX session, but what a variety of pleasures! You can ask the masseuse to undress slowly to the music in order to enjoy the flawless female body, but the most interesting is ahead!

Paradise for a real man
Just imagine: for three hours you are alone with a stunning beauty, and with her you can realize all secret desires, completely falling out of reality. After such an exciting adventure, your sex life will sparkle with new colors!

Everything is under your control!
Only you choose the sequence of actions, so that even the most thoughtful erotic massage from the DELUX program can be made even richer and more interesting. Come, because our girls are already ready for your experiments!

Delux programs


  • Thai body massage
  • Massage with hot oranges
  • Full body scrub
  • "Aerobatics"
  • Touches
  • Massage with bamboo brooms
  • All Lingam massage techniques
  • Light kisses on the body

Delux programs

Delux-programs are services for connoisseurs of high-class premium rest. The erotic massage procedure itself is pleasant, but the same service on a royal scale will allow you not only to enjoy high-class procedures, but also to feel like the center of the universe. A man, surrounded by women who will do everything to give him unearthly bliss, begins to feel more self-confident than before, because he can afford this kind of leisure.

After such a rest, you will forget about all your problems and worries, because professional masseuses will take care of you. In this program you can fulfill all your innermost fantasies: fetish elements, classic and body massage – this is just a small part of what awaits you when choosing delux programs.

Emperor - the program of erotic massage

Masseuses VIP

Erotic massage

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