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Erotic massage is aimed at complete relaxation due to the sensual sliding of gentle hands on the body. You will get:

-The most vivid tactile sensations that you can imagine. Considering the popularity of the main ones, they are the most emotionally rich practices in the erotic salon Imperium and are equally suitable for both beginners and real connoisseurs of pleasure. You will actually plunge into the ocean of sensuality and  will find out all the facets of bliss.

-At the erotic massage session the girl will firstly apply a fragrant oil on herself, which will allow her to use not only her hands, but also to slide her body over the guest with special intensity. Using her perfect forms: breasts, flat tummy and elastic buttocks, the girl will not forget to pay attention to every area on the male body. You will definitely appreciate this method of influence.

-All programs are passed exclusively in a separate massage rooms on a spacious bed, where a naked girl will excitingly massage you. Such session of erotic massage will make any man shudder from the excitement that has rolled up, and the eye will enjoy the sexual picture of what is happening.

Only sensual erotica

Have you long wanted to luxuriate in the arms of a beautiful stranger who will be happy to please your body? Then hurry up to our Imperium salon and order an erotic massage!

A wide range of programs

It is worth noting that all our programs are perfectly combined with each other. Thanks to this, you can experiment, think out individual holiday scenarios for yourself!

Sexuality of the ladies is on top!

Only the most beautiful girls work in the Imperium salon! All of them are incredibly graceful, seductive and sexy. Choose a new companion every time and go with her on an erotic adventure that will be impossible to forget!

Main programs


  • Classic massage
  • Hot foot massage towels
  • Stone therapy
  • Head and face massage
  • Thai body massage
  • Gentle touch for a girl
  • Lingam massage
  • Light aqua foam massage in the jacuzzi

Main programs

If you want to get acquainted with the basics of erotic massage or decide to have a good time, basic programs are exactly what you should look at first. The Imperium salon has everything to make your first impression the most positive! Our masseuses will remove the tightness from your body and help you relax as much as possible.

Do not worry, even if it will be your first visit to the salon. After all, erotic massage is not a party of debauchery, but a whole art what helps men get rid of complexes, restore health and fulfill all their cherished dreams. Try it and we are sure that the masters of the Imperium salon have something to surprise you with.

in the Jacuzzi - the program of erotic massage

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