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Erotic massage for couples adjusts partners to the same wave, which allows you to feel and enjoy the same tactile sensations. All programs help to:

– Reveal the frame of sexuality and be desired again for your partner. To diversify your intimate life, you do not need to go beyond the limits of what is allowed, it is enough to order an erotic massage for couples and give pleasure to yourself and your partner;

-You will get a lot of unforgettable emotions and get rid of a lot of problems in family life. By awakening passion in each other, you make a contribution to the future together and to an exciting sex life;

– Erotic massage for couples involves bringing partners to the highest point of relaxation, and this is facilitated by the pleasant atmosphere in the salon and the friendly attitude of our masseuses. All this together will liberate you and help you tune into a hot sequel.

Erotic massage for couples will breathe passion into a relationship

To fill your intimate life with excitement and temptation, sign up for an erotic massage for couples in the Imperium salon. Exactly here you can treat yourself and your partner with the most unique techniques.

No restrictions

At first, erotic massage is performed by masseuses, but then they will leave the apartment and leave you alone with each other. Get rid of prejudices, discard all complexes and enjoy your vacation together.

Professional masseuses

Our salon employs girls who are a masters in Eastern and Western massage techniques. Tell them about your preferences and they will be happy to fulfill your wishes.

Massage for couples


  • Classic massage
  • Hot towel foot massage
  • Thai body massage
  • Gentle touch for a girl
  • Lingam massage
  • Gentle touch for a girl Lingam massage 2 services to choose from (hot oranges, strawberries, tassels, sakura branch)

Massage for couples

In long-term relationships, there is sometimes a need for diversity. But at the same time, I want to bring it wisely – without hiding it from the second half, and even more so without changing it. And many couples in a crisis moment for their relationship seek help in erotic massage salons. Here they see each other differently, and a spark is rekindled between the lovers, which returns passion to their relationship.

But do not assume that only married couples who live side by side for a dozen years are interested in erotic massage. Many young couples stick to the progressive opinion that diversity is needed in relationships, because only they often feed love. And if you want to experiment, feel free to take your soulmate with you to explore the world of eroticism hand in hand!

1000 and 1 pleasure - the program of erotic massage

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erotic massage

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