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Erotic massage with 4 hands -
pleasure multiplied by two

What does the two-girl program include?
  • First, you warm up and enjoy the exquisite caresses of two girls. Two beauties will kiss and explore each other’s intimate parts especially for you. Their mutual gentle touch will wake up your body and release all your innermost desires and fantasies.
  • Dare to direct this hot show. And then the hottest show you could ever imagine begins. At your request, the girls will show you their flawless bodies and you can touch them at any time so that they involve you in their games.
  • Luxurious foreplay in the form of a lesbian show transforms into an unforgettable erotic massage. you will get double pleasure from their delicate hands, which will lead to a bright orgasm.

The sexiest masseuses

Charming girls caress each other – this is an erotic massage with elements of a girls show, one of the most attractive sights in the Imperium salon!

The most unforgettable event

Most likely, an erotic massage will become one of the most unforgettable events in the life of every man. Do not deny yourself this pleasure.

The best salon Imperium

An exciting atmosphere awaits you, in which all men’s dreams come true. Elite alcohol that will complement your relaxation, and spacious massage rooms where all the sexiest things happen.

4 hands massage


  • Touches
  • Classic massage
  • Erotic massage
  • Shower
  • Body massage
  • Change of poses
  • Girls show
  • Peep show

4 hands massage

Erotic massage from lesbians, stunning with its beauties, is always in first place in the fantasies of modern men. Regular guests delight in the hands of our masseuses again and again. The craftswomen carefully work out your entire body and activate all erogenous points. The unique charm of beauty and sexuality in combination with the knowledge of our beauties will allow you to get mind-blowing pleasure.

Erotic massage in the Imperium salon is a hurricane of sensual pleasures. Feel free to trust our beauties and get enchanting erotic inspiration! Discover the secrets of female love and sexuality, and you will forever change your idea of pleasure

Aphrodite - the program of erotic massage

Masseuses VIP

erotic massage

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