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Massage with mistress: features

It is difficult to describe everything that happens in the session, because this is a real role-playing game, where each of the participants understands their role. The event can develop according to the following scenario:

  • Usually massage with the Lady is based on the principle: preparation, play, excitement and relaxation. You can discuss in advance all the details of the game, available punishments and caresses, ways of humiliation. Such a thorough approach to the event will allow you to enjoy an individual program that is strictly tailored to you.

  • Female domination is an opportunity to change roles and be in a subordinate position, because for a man it is also important to be able to completely relax and give control over himself. So let go of your prejudice and let your desires take over.
  • An imperious, arrogant and incredibly beautiful lady will ignore your desires to the last, while demanding that all her whims be fulfilled. This method of relaxation will allow you to reach the highest point of emotional pleasure through humiliation, followed by the complete satisfaction of all your desires.

Submission and humiliation

Emotional impact on the guest in order to completely release his true desires. As a rule, modern men really need it.

Trampling and foot fetish

An element of BDSM, in which the masseuse allows her slave to touch her impeccable legs, which can be bare or shod.

Urological massage

Stimulation of the prostate during a massage with the Lady allows you to completely reverse roles and get an enchanting orgasm.

Massage with the Mistress


  • Jacuzzi massage
  • Erotic
  • Strapon massage
  • Orgasm control (bondage)
  • BDSM elements
  • Harsh treatment

Massage with the Lady: where to realize all desires?

If you are looking for a massage service with the Lady in Moscow, then come to our Imperium salon, which has long been practicing this type of relaxation at the highest level. Especially for you – bright and exciting additions to the main scenario, thanks to which you will be able to realize yourself “unworthy” and “humiliated”.

The elite salon Imperium offers its guests erotic offers for every taste, here every man will find a procedure for himself that will meet all his requirements. To do this, just call us, because the Lady must prepare for your arrival and conquer you from the first minutes!

Femdom - the program of erotic massage

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