Sexual Lingam Massage: Open Your Doors to Heaven

Continued Lingam massage is always popular among men. It is known that this tantric practice dates back to ancient times, which is why massage is not so easy to perform: the abundance of techniques and control of the process are subject only to skilled craftswomen. However, what a pleasure the massage itself brings! And not only, because after it you will find something interesting …

No rush

Unlike traditional religions, tantra encourages human sexuality, believing that through bodily pleasures one can attain enlightenment. Therefore, it is important to treat your body as a temple, and lingam massage is the first step towards the correct perception of yourself and your pleasures. Correct breathing, relaxation and calmness are essential during the session: tension and nerves will ruin the whole experience. Well, the craftswoman will help you: first, she will start with a classic massage, which will stretch the muscles and joints. Then he will go down … And he will pay attention not only to the Lingam, but also to the scrotum, and even the prostate. The process will be slow and languid, with every minute the pleasure will grow, inevitably leading to the culmination of fireworks.

And that is not all…

For those who do not want to dwell on the most interesting, we have come up with special programs. So, Lingam massage with an exciting continuation is possible in different versions:

  • “In the jacuzzi” – after intense female caresses, you will have a light aqua-foam massage in the jacuzzi;
  • and “Hot ecstasy” will allow you to enjoy candid poses and touching a girl;
  • the most exciting continuation only in “Centurion”! Holding a strawberry in her mouth, the craftswoman will “walk” through your erogenous zones: the second wave is guaranteed!

Lingam massage with exciting sequel will be unforgettable!

Do you want to leave your abode? No problem! Our girls are ready to come to your home for a separate fee when ordering a program from 7,000 rubles. The administrators of the Imperium salon will help you organize a Lingam massage with an exciting continuation at your home.

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