Erotic massage with a visit to your home in Moscow – now it is on your territory!

Our capital is famous for its open spaces, which are becoming wider every day. And although this has obvious advantages, sometimes the journey from point A to point B takes an unacceptable amount of time. You can not do it this way! The comfort of the clients of the Imperium salon is a priority for our specialists. Therefore, organizing an erotic massage with a visit to your home in Moscow is not at all difficult for us. For a fee, our craftswoman can get anywhere.

Loving your body is right!

Erotic massage is not easy spicy entertainment. In particular, it is aimed at maintaining the health of the male body and restoring tone, sexual energy. In addition, it cheers up and psychologically helps to cope with the dullness of everyday life and depression. After all, sitting in the office day after day it is difficult to find time for a serious relationship. However, without the attention of the fair sex, a man simply cannot – where does the self-confidence necessary for each of us come from? Men, regardless of their character and temperament, should receive a dose of female affection and we are ready to make up for its lack.

We have a large selection of beauties – find yours!

The Imperium salon treats the selection of masters carefully and meticulously. Our craftswoman must skillfully master massage techniques, know how to properly please the client. Appearance is a serious factor in our business, therefore girls have model data, shapes for any preferences and hot temperament – without it, it will not work to find an approach to a man. On the site you can familiarize yourself with the craftswomen and choose the one that will perform erotic massage for you with a visit to your house in Moscow.

  • Anise, size 2.5, 23 years old, 180 cm.
  • Samantha, size 1.5, 20 years old, 165 cm.
  • Tiana, size 2.5, 19 years old, 163 cm.
  • Selena, size 3.5, 23 years old, 173 cm.

Erotic massage with a visit to your house in Moscow will save you from unnecessary difficulties

Now the craftswoman is ready to go for a less expensive program: if earlier the service operated from 10,000 rubles, now you buy a program for 7,000 and wait for it in your den! Erotic massage with a visit to your home in Moscow will delight you with one more service – at the request of the guest, the Imperium salon will deliver a steam cocktail or a bar. Tempting, isn’t it?

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