Erotic massage for women – the peak of bliss

Erotic massage is a taboo topic for many women. Not every girl dares to visit the salon to enjoy erotic massage for women. And the reason for all this is that the service itself appeared relatively recently, and has not yet gained the well-deserved popularity …

How erotic massage is done to a woman. 3 main secrets

How is erotic massage done to a woman in order to awaken passion and strong sexual energy in her? Salon Imperium will reveal some secrets …

  • Romantic atmosphere. We think that it is not worth talking about the fact that erotic massage is not carried out in an ordinary massage room. Girls are extremely susceptible to what surrounds them, and every unnecessary detail can ruin the mood, and therefore bring down the playful mood;
  • No rush. Women do not start “with sex.” To burn with desire, girls need more time, and our masters are well aware of this;
  • It’s not just the hands that are used. Yes, we know that the touch of warm hands to the body is a very pleasant effect, but do not forget about feathers, ice floes, silk ribbons …

The female body is a treasure of erogenous areas, but few men give them due attention, so a sensual session of erotic massage for a woman will be the key to her own sexuality.

A little immersion in technology

Let’s take an example:

  • It is advisable to start the session with a warm-up of the feet, because many erogenous areas are concentrated on delicate fingers;
  • Attention is paid to the ankles, and then the touches smoothly pass to the calves;
  • Gradually, the massage therapist of the Imperium salon rises to the hips and buttocks. Already at this stage, the girl, as a rule, feels a little excitement;
  • Further back … The impact on this area will not leave anyone indifferent;
    Working with the chest, abdomen and, of course, with the genital area is the final stage.

Salon Imperium will help every girl to feel desirable and sexy. Come to us for an erotic massage for a woman, and we will make you a real goddess of love. Waiting for you!

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